workbook experience 

Dear Friend, 

This is the place where facilitators and readers alike can gather for more information on the Culture of the Few Workbook Experience. On this page, you will find introductory material regarding how we recommend approaching the workbook, and the accompanying videos to each chapter (Chapter Guides). We are encouraged that you have chosen to embark on the journey of a lifetime. That you've chosen to find a few friends, follow Jesus, and turn the world upside down. 

Blessings on your journey,
Brad McKoy and the COTF Team

Note to Facilitators:

This Workbook was created with group facilitation in mind. This is because we believe that God did not create us to follow Jesus alone. A good number of the "action steps" in this workbook will require encouragement, accountability, and partnership with others as readers choose to take risks together for the sake of the gospel!

If facilitating workbooks in group, we recommend that readers do the following:
I. Complete reflection questions before coming together.
2. Either read the Authors note or Watch the Video Resource before coming to group.
3. At the beginning of group, debrief how the APPLY section from the week before went.
4. At the beginning of the group, either read the Authors note or watch the video as a group (whichever you didn't do before coming to group).
5. Navigate the DISCOVERY and APPLY section as a group.