Help us LAUNCH the Culture of the Few Book and Resource Next Generation Leaders.

Make a donation to help us LAUNCH Culture of the Few and I will send you a copy of the Culture of the Few as my way of saying thank you. 

#GenerosityTuesday - In honor of Generosity Tuesday, all gifts that are given Dec.1st - Dec. 7th will be matched up to $2,500.

Our Plan:

  1. Get the first 5,000 copies of Culture of the Few printed before we announce the release date.  

  2. Sow the first 1,000 copies of Culture of the Few into developing leaders.

  3. Complete the Pilot Resource Pack: The Carpenter's Shop.


Dear Larry,

Thank you for agreeing to watch this video and review this update about the Culture of the Few.  I am both humbled and excited by the feedback the we have received from our test readers over the past two months.  God has already been working through the book to encourage and empower believers to step out and follow Jesus in exciting ways.

I want to honor God and you for the way that your financial gifts from earlier this year became a significant part of finishing up the writing process.  Of course, I had no way of knowing how God was going to go beyond my expectations when I was sitting in a coffee shop in Urbana, Illinois, writing the conclusion.  I was just trying to be faithful to finish, hoping that the book would be a blessing to the small tribe of young leaders that God had entrusted us to love and lead.  

Since that time, God has opened up the doors for us to share the message of the Culture of the Few with parts of the Body of Christ that I had not imagined would be interested.  Pastors and denominational leaders from more than a dozen denominations and movements have now read the book. (and it hasn't even been released yet.)  The feedback that we are getting is that they believe this book will become a key resource in helping a Christ-centered, disciple making cultures become a reality for many local churches.

I wanted to update you on these developments out of honor for your investment and because you have encouraged me so much already.  I also wanted to invite you to prayerfully consider giving a special gift at this strategic time to help me LAUNCH the Culture of the Few.  Of course, there is no pressure in this request, but I did want to make a clear invitation.

Thanks again for your love and encouragement.  Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.

Love and Blessings,