A Special Invite to Read the Culture of the Few

In this minute and a half video, Brad invites leaders to read a pre-release version of the the Culture of the Few.

Thank you for your interest in reading the Culture of the Few.  We are honored to share the book with you as we prepare to release it in early 2016.  The book is currently in the editing process.  In fact, the editor has just finished his initial round of revisions for the first third of the book and you will be the first ones to read it.  As you read the book, we would love any feedback that you could provide us with.  Our goal is to provide leaders with a resource that will help them equip and empower believers to follow Jesus in impacting the world around them. 

Please give us your name and email address and you will receive an email with your downloaded book. 

Thanks again for your interest in Culture of the Few.  If you have any questions, please email me at brad@cultureofthefew.com.

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